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We had a wonderful day out island hopping with some of our guests that stayed here at Pelican Beach.  They asked that we post this photo on the site of us.

knotebuoyscrew copy

Jason has brought the boat “Know E Buoys” over to our bay to pick up some of our guests for a day of island hopping.  Go to for more information.



We have recently had some awesome days here at Pelican Beach.  One of our guests took this photo from the gazebo…





We have been so lucky to have this papaya tree.  It has grown so fast here in this spot.  It is located right by the gazebo.  Our guests regularly get to have a fresh papaya during their stay here at Pelican Beach.





It is Sunday and the weather has been wonderful here on St. John.  We are actually looking for some rain since it is a bit dry for this time of year and it is cloudy right now.  The most amazing views are from the decks here at Pelican Beach.  I am sitting having a cup of green tea and watching the pelicans soar. Must be good fish in Friis Bay today because we have several pelicans here. This photo was taken by Jason  of a pelican in flight.